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Japanese Calligrapher  Setsuhi ‘eri’ Shiraishi


Having been interested in calligraphy during her childhood, Setsuhi became a calligraphy master at 22 years old. She is pursuing her own unique style of calligraphy while expressing the world of traditional calligraphy. The world she creates by subliming calligraphy into a composite art through collaboration with musical and fine arts is highly regarded. She has also been active outside of Japan, attracting many fans from around the world through her live collaborative performances with music.


Setsuhi drew the calligraphy design of the “Enjin” (ring) concept for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Japanese team jersey. She gave a calligraphic performance for the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar when he was in Japan for an official visit in 2014. Also in 2014, Setsuhi carried out a successful ten-part live performance tour throughout France.


2015        Calligraphy Installation by collaborating with Yamagiwa was presented in Japanese Pavilion in Milan International 2015.


2016        Setsuhi presented private exhibition, lecture and performance at Embassy of Japan in United States of America, JICC (Washington DC)

and New York.

US tour in 6 cities for 4 months was successful.

Setsuhi also presented Calligraphy performance with members of Grammy awarded Maria Schneider Orchestra.


2017        Setsuhi presented Calligraphy performance and lectures in more than 10 French cities by Guitarist, Mr. Yvan Knorst’s invitation.


2018        Setsuhi was selected as Clé de Peau Beauté, 6 ladies by Shiseido Company, Limited.


                 Private Exhibition at San Francisco Library is scheduled from September to December, 2018.



Setsuhi has given calligraphy performances at various places including the private salon Diners Club Ginza Lounge in Tokyo, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Tokyo (at the 60th anniversary event of the launch of Fissler’s pressure cookers), and the British Museum in London. She also held a joint performance with the London Improvisers Orchestra, participated in an art fair in Paris, and held personal exhibitions in both Paris and New York. Also in New York, Setsuhi conducted a calligraphy workshop and performed in both a jazz club and an art gallery with Jay Anderson and Frank Kimbrough of the Maria Schneider Orchestra as well as jazz horn player Adam Unsworth.


In addition, Setsuhi calligraphed the title on a CD cover for Jiang Xiao-Qing, a world-famous player of the traditional Chinese “guzheng” string instrument.


Setsuhi collaborates with accessory designer RYONA to create 縁 (“en”), their unique brand of calligraphic accessories. The 縁 (“en”) brand is sold at limited-time stores at the Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo and the Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store in Osaka.

Setsuhi holds her own calligraphy salon at the art space and cafe, Sakaiki, and holds regular calligraphy lessons in Omotesando.